Fab at 40?

Here I am at 39 and a half and I’m determined to get in better shape.

I’ve signed myself up for an 8 week diet and workout routine. I’ve never been on a real diet where I’ve followed a meal plan.

I’ve always been slim and in good shape, so this is a shock to the system for me.

After having kids I would just eat better and exercise and my fat would suck back in. I’d eat anything in moderation and boom, things just worked.

So when my headaches became completely out of control and I started having health problems I had to stop. I just wasn’t capable of anything but being in bed.

For 3 years I have fought really hard to get control of my body. It’s been a long and hard road. It has taken not only a physical toll but emotional one as well.

I’m still having daily pain but I am in a much better place. I have learned how to cope with the isolation and manage my pain better. I try not to let them spiral out of control (though it still does at times).

The biggest accomplishment has been building back up my stamina. There was a year that I really didn’t leave the house. I couldn’t even walk 3 houses outside. Now I’m able to take my kids to activities and participate in some as well.

So this slow upward tick has led me to believe I need to keep gaining strength. I have returned to my exercise ways. I lost a few lbs on my own but I want to really push myself.

This led me to my current meal plan and exercise challenge.

Here’s the first thing I learned. Wow, dieting sucks.

Alright, I’m doing macros with a high and low carb cycle. It’s not keto.

So some days I have to drink 2 protein shakes a day. Uh, wow my first shake was disgusting. Chocolate protein with Almond butter mixed in. That was a terrible plan. Eat Almond butter seperate next time.

Shake 2, I’m gagging it down. Now my husband assures me they aren’t that bad. He tries it and judging by the look on his face and held in laughter…he’s a liar.

Shake 3, is vanilla vegan flavor. While I deem this one better than the last 2 I’m sure it’s ground up chalk that I’m gagging in.

Finally the 4th shake is a good one! I’ll stick to this flavor.

My next gripe is egg whites plain every morning. I like eggs but uh I’m choking these in too.

The next problem I’m having is the vegetables. I’m only allowed to eat green veggies right now, and a lot of them. So it’s mostly broccoli, brussel sprouts and asparagus.

My poor family. I’ve gotta cut the brussels out. Holey garbage gut. Why does eating this healthy make my ass smell like a rotting carcass.

Did I mention we are in a car on a 3 hour drive right now. Let me be honest. I don’t even want to be in a car with my ass. If it was possible I’d just hang it out the window on the ride.

The rest of the meal plan is fine except I can’t eat ice cream, that’s a real shame.

My workout routine, yikes. I’m sore, like really sore. Stairs? Haha, Mean!! Crawling might work best right now. Sitting down to pee is actually a sequence of slowly lowering until my legs bail out and I fall on the toilet. I’m so glamorous…don’t forget leg day!

My first arm day…not even enough time passed for them to get sore. I just wanted to wash my sweaty self and guess whose arms were struggling to reach their head.

Here’s a hint…mine! The thing here too is my right arm is all screwed up from scapular dysplasia and the bicep is weak. So like an asshole I am holding up my right arm with my left arm to wash my right side of my head.

I’m basically excelling at fitness and dieting. Oh and if you want to stink out your family I have a great list of foods to eat!!

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