Waterpark adventure

I feel crummy. Went to bed with a flair starting and woke up feeling worse. Neck, shoulder, arm, eye, occipital pain and nausea.

I’m worried how my pain will progress but we have plans. I really want my kids to do something fun after this rocky sick week.

I take my abortive meds and hope for the best.

We begin loading our family of 5 up with our 2 guests and 2 dogs into one vehicle. As my brother in law is attempting to squeeze himself into the back he asks that someone butter his hips. He’s stuck.

We’re all in one car, a clown car actually and head to the waterpark.

The waterpark & arcade adventures are over. I manage all the luggage while my brother in law fetches the car.

When we go to pile in my brother in law, bless his heart squeezes to the third row. It’s like I’m watching a grown man sausage himself into the backseat of a Camaro.

My husband slams the seat into his brother’s knee, screams echo thru the car. Without hesitation my husband slams the seat into his knee again. It’s scream, laughter and groaning all at once.

Confusion. My husband is yelling to his brother to pull on the seat as he slams it into his knee a third time. My husband is deliriously laughing.

It’s at this point he realizes he needs to slide the seat forward before he can move it back to lock into place.

As we all enjoyed the laugh at his brother’s expense I joked how now he has 2 bad knees.

We move on and stop at a B Dubs for dinner. The 3 year old is weary, no nap, irrational, we (the adults) are exhausted from slides and stairs.

I know my little won’t have the patience to eat here. I fill my purse with snacks and an iPad ready to brave another dining experience.


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