Spring Break

I’m grumpy. The kind of grumpy that is so annoying that you can’t even stand to be around yourself.

The thing is I keep telling my family I’m grumpy, but there’s just no time for it.

I don’t know what it is about a school break that brings impending doom.

I’m one of those moms that loves when my kids are home. I’m not of the I can’t wait to send them back mindset.

There will never be another today. Our children will never be any younger than they are now. As the days and years pass they are loosing their innocence. The hurt feelings from peers will soon become broken hearts from first crushes.

I want to absorb these moments. All of them, even the ugly, then get thru them while they hold my hand.

We are shaping people, little people that deserve to become strong confident people. People that know what love is. People that can navigate the challenges of life.

So why am I grumpy if I’m surrounded by my people on a lovely school break?

It never fails. Every time we get a nice break we get smacked with sickness. It’s such a disappointment too.

Somehow my kids find a cesspool of germs and find a way to ingest them. How do they do it? What are we licking door knobs? Catching a sneeze to the face? What is the secret recipe?

*Le Sigh*

I’m laying next to the oldest, she’s passed out sick and feels like a fever is setting in.

The youngest is crying, stuffed up to the max and I’m grumpy.

All week I hustled just to keep my schedule open this week. I had high hopes. I was even thinking I’d take the kids to a waterpark!

Someone send tissues, not for the sickies but for me. I’ll be here wallowing in my own self pity. Mourning the loss of a waterpark while wearing my nemesis…the bathing suit.

After today’s breaking down of kids every 5 minutes I need to go hide in the closet and eat chocolate.

Forget the chocolate, I might make it to the waterpark. Ugh, decisions. The chocolate’s worth it.

I hope this passes quickly. We’ve got shenanigans to get into and memories to create.

Either way I’m sure we will find something worth sinking our teeth into.

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