Snack time Hustle

Hey there, me again.

For those of you that don’t know my background I’ll enlighten you here. Before I became a stay at home mom I was/am a Certified Cicerone and a restaurateur. My husband and I own 3 restaurants and I worked in them for years.

Last night I live updated the real time happenings of snack time.

My husband, bless his heart was preparing the snacks while I was sitting with the kids making sure they were eating.

He joked to me that “he was in the weeds.” This is a common phrase used in our industry when you are behind on servicing your customers.

This is the point where I was completely entertained and decided to live update the world. Waiting on your children is akin to the service industry in too many ways.

Here’s how it went down:

Me: N is waiting on his girls. He’s in the weeds.

Me: He’s running longer than normal ticket times. I’m waiting to speak with the manager.

Me: He just said “he’s in the weeds” again.

Me: Kids are complaining their food’s too hot.

Me: Still no manager…

Me: He’s outta the weeds and asking for more orders.

Me: Who let dogs in here? They’re not wearing service vests.

Me: He’s on break now 🙄

Me: I just complained that my server is playing with his phone.

Me: Where is the manager? Hell-O

Me: He burnt an order, customer refused and asked for a recook.

Me: He’s checking his phone again and knows I’m STILL waiting for the manager.

Me: Kids wanna know why he’s on the phone while facing the customer.

Me: We just asked for a beverage refill and he told me it was the end of his shift. That’s upsetting.

Me: Who is taking his tables?

Me: Refill times are slow.

SB: Looks like he deserves a write up and possibly a loss of a shift! Good thing you’re not a secret shopper ….

Me: I’m going to need a gift card to ever go back into my kitchen.

SB: It’s all about the training Heather! He just needs to anticipate ALL the needs of those he serves.

SB: P.S. The shift isn’t over until the side work is done! I should stop now, I still have to work with him haha!

CO: SB hahahahahahaha

Me: I was busting out laughing while typing! The demands of our little tyrants is so work relatable. 🤪

JA: I’m going to send some shoppers. Sounds like anarchy.

CO: That is too funny but how fun.

JP: Hahahaha

You know, I’m thankful my husband accepts that I’m an overgrown idiot. I just need to laugh at everything. You can only be serious for so long.

Where do you find joy in your life if you can’t laugh at it.

Are you angry or break down and cry? That’s just no good. A mother bears the mental workload of the family.

In addition to the chores there are endless noses to wipe, boo boos to kiss, mental notes on activity schedules, homework help, clothes to buy, glasses to pick up, birthday parties to attend, the list is endless.

So who cares for mom? Mental health is important and motherhood closes the door on self care. When is there time to keep up?

Next thing you know you look like you napped in your car before the grocery run. Like that would ever happen. Nope. I’d take that time for an overpriced coffee run to keep up with my pack of wolves.

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